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Wilma Campbell OBE MA, Scotland

Family Origins Research has the skills to unlock a treasure trove of information.

This was a fantastic journey of discovery into the past. David has my highest recommendation. 

Morag Buchanan, Scotland

David, owner  of Family Origins Research, has a unique ability to locate  and organize information which I always dared to find. David has shown professional expertise and far more attention to detail than some of the larger companies. This is paramount  in finding out who you really are.

Sarah Schnobel, Canada

We selected David because of his specialization with the British Isles.  We could not be happier with our choice. David was a true partner every step of the way. He was in continuous contact with us, verifying details and sharing discoveries as soon as they popped up.  My brother and I were amazed at just how deep his search parameters  were and the fine details he was able to to discover. David's research far away exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier with our final report. David was a true  pleasure to work with and his love for his occupation shines through with his professionalism, his genuine interest in your search and his complete understanding of the emotional impact of his findings.

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